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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Peggy.  That second lesson placeholder probably looks like this:

There isn't actually a lesson created there until you add a title and have the opportunity to add content.  When you preview your course, the last lesson that you titled should be the last lesson you see.

You shouldn't have to do a thing!  Tell me if you're seeing something else, and we'll dig deeper.

Angela Kolter

Hi Allison, I appreciate this thread since I've spent too much time attempting to delete the extra populated lessons at the end of each section. While testing the course with my  trainer via my monitor, she asked me to make sure to delete the "extra lessons" at the end of each section. I had no idea they were placeholders - nay, suggestions, and spent time typing titles then deleting. It's quite misleading, especially for someone new to Rise building a 28 lesson template course. A simple drop-down option to "Add Lesson" would be much more intuitive and less visually confusing. Thanks!