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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Wanda!

Can you tell me more about how you added the videos to Rise? 

  • Did you publish the Storyline content to Articulate 360 and insert it as a Storyline Block?

  • Did you publish the Storyline content to Video and insert it in a Video block?

If you inserted it in a Video block, Rise will display the first frame of a MP4 video as the thumbnail. You can use a video editing tool like Replay to add an image to the first frame of the video, then re-publish the video as a MP4 file. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Debbie,

Sorry you're running into trouble! It sounds like you published Storyline 360 content to Review 360, and you want to use that content in a Storyline block. Is that right?

Can you share a fullscreen screenshot of what you're seeing? With a little more detail, I can try and help you sort this out!

Debbie Heunis


Thanks yes you are right, below is what the user will see, which is not very attractive. I never had this problem before. Only change I have done is : I do have to scorm my storyline file to html only to avoid the tin can issue with cornerstone and I don’t know if that is the reason why its changed. The view they should see is screenshot 2.


Crystal Horn

Thanks for that image, Debbie. I opened a case with my team so we can have a closer look. You'll receive a confirmation email with an upload link. Can you use that link to share your Storyline 360 project with us? It'll help us troubleshoot to have a look at the content. We'll delete your file when we're done testing. Thanks! 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi TomorrowLab Crew!

Is the first frame of your video a blank white screen? If so, use a video editing tool to trim off the first frame, then reinsert the video file into Rise 360.

If the first frame is not a blank white screen, share the video file with us by clicking here. We'll test it on our side and let you know what we find!