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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Jennifer!

So sorry you're running into issues with images in Rise 360. 

It sounds like you're trying to upload images from your hard drive, is that right? Do you notice an improvement if you log out of Rise 360 completely, then log back in? 

Also, is it a particular image file giving you trouble, or all image files?

Jennifer Boston

Thank you for your response.  

Yes I am uploading from my harddrive.  

I have not logged out and back in.  It freezes up Chrome, so I find I either have to shut down Chrome or just wait it out (it can take awhile to wake back up).

Seems to be random image files, i'm not noticing a pattern.

Does this help?

Tomaso Manca

Having the same issue. Pictures upload for a while in Chrome, and then just "hang" and cursor spins in what would be the "select file" box.

Reboots, etc, did not help.

I switched to the Edge browser. and it worked for several uploads. and now the same issue started as in chrome.

Yes, it does appear to be random, not any particular image or block.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Tomaso,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you're having trouble!

There are a couple of contributing factors that can cause a failure to upload media. Please try the following

-  Renaming the file(s) to a shorter name, and without any special characters.

- Using Safe Mode / Incognito Mode to disable any browser add-ons

- Clearing your browser cache. Here's how to do it for your browser: 

Let me know if that doesn't help!