Uploading Rise published for Web Files in Totara

May 16, 2024

Does anyone use Totara Learn? Have you tried to use files published for Web from Rise in Totara Learn?
I receive an error when I try, so I wanted to see if anyone has any tips on how to use an IMS Content Package in Totara.
I can give more information if someone has experience with Totara.


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Jose Tansengco

Hi Kathy,

I'm unfamiliar with Totara Learn, but if it is an LMS similar to SCORM Cloud or Moodle, you'll need to publish your Rise 360 courses as an LMS package instead of using the Web format for the package to be uploaded properly. Publishing as an LMS package creates files necessary for a Rise 360 course to communicate with an LMS, and these files are not present in the web output.

Hoping someone with Totara Learn experience can share their experiences as well in case there is a way to get the web output to work!