Hey all,

I have a problem with usage of the "Devider (Continue)" in Rise. I would like to see more deviders at once, e.g. three. I set the property in each divider on "Completion Type: Always Show button". But in the preview it doesn't work. Only the first button is visible. The second one is first visible after clicking the first one and scroll down. 

Is it this way?


Regards, Isa







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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Isa.  The Continue button is used to progressively reveal content and make sure learners complete interactions before moving on.  So yes, it will hide the content beneath (including other continue buttons) until clicked.

Tell me a little about your setup.  Why do you want to put 3 Continue buttons in a row?  

Isabella Winkler

Thanks for reply Crystal. I would like to use the dividers for displaying 3 content-sections. Not in one row, among each other. I know it and this is right and intended: The content of these sections should be visible first after clicking on the divider, but all my dividers shoud be visible all the time on my page. Because of the following parameter setting in each button "Completion Type: Always Show button", I supposed, the button (not the content) will be shown all the time. But it is not. 

Crystal Horn

I see what you're saying.  Yes, so "Continue" will always be shown as opposed to this message:

....BUT the content below the button (including other dividers) will not be shown until you click Continue.

What if you used an Accordion to achieve a similar effect?

You can place your content within the tabs of the accordion so that it is initially hidden, but the tabs remain in sight.  Here's an example with Continue buttons and an Accordion at the end.

I hope that helps!
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