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I love using graphics in the Text on Graphics block and on the Start page. I'm having trouble figuring out which graphics will work from a size perspective. I often find a graphic I love and because of the size it does not fit in the window. I'm spending a lot of trial and error time to find a picture that will work. Any tips for how to tell if one of the graphics in the Rise library will fit the various block options?


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Rosemary Aylward

Hi Alyssa,
Thanks for your response. I’m sorry I didn’t see your message sooner, it went to my spam folder. I don’t remember what pictures I was trying to get at the time but I often can’t use the picture I find and if you can provide any tips I’d really appreciate it. I found some images to illustrate the type of thing I’m finding.

I just want to add that I love Rise. I just told my boss the other day not to tell everyone how much fun I was having creating courses!

Here is an example of text on image.

Here is the image in the library, which I loved Here is how it appeared as text on image
[cid:image006.jpg@01D6A21F.7FD3A130] [cid:image008.jpg@01D6A21F.7FD3A130]

I cropped like this. It appeared like this after I cropped it
[cid:image009.jpg@01D6A21F.7FD3A130] [cid:image010.jpg@01D6A21F.7FD3A130]

Cover photo example

Here is how it appears in the library Here is how is appears as the cover. I don’t see an option to crop a cover photo.
[cid:image016.jpg@01D6A21F.7FD3A130] [cid:image017.jpg@01D6A21F.7FD3A130]

Here is that same image on a text on image

Here is how I tried to crop it Here is how it appeared. So that worked well.
[cid:image026.jpg@01D6A21F.7FD3A130] [cid:image027.jpg@01D6A21F.7FD3A130]

But if I crop like this I get this.. I don’t always see that part I cropped in the image that displays
[cid:image028.jpg@01D6A21F.7FD3A130] [cid:image029.jpg@01D6A21F.7FD3A130]

Rosemary Aylward

Thanks. That's useful to know. I don't know if that is new, I didn't think I could do that before. What I was really asking about is why the image I selected isn't what shows up on the Text on Image  and when I try to crop an image, I don't get the part of the image I cropped.

Crystal Horn

These screenshots are helpful, Rosemary.

Any block that uses the full width of the course, and cover photos which also use the full width, are going to zoom into that image until the full width is covered. Rise won't stretch your images to fit, and it won't leave empty space on the sides in full width images if your image isn't wide enough. It simply zooms in until the space is covered. 

When you crop the image, it will use that same behavior, but only on the portion that you cropped. The cropping that worked well for you displayed the way you wanted because you cropped a section that was very wide:

For images where you need the full image and the text overlay, I recommend adding text to your image in another tool before adding it to Rise. You can then use a centered image block to show the full image. 

Cover photos will always be cropped depending on the size of the screen, so you'll want to choose a photo that won't lose details if the edges are cropped to fit the screen.