Using Storyline blocks with xAPI triggers in Rise 360

Dec 11, 2023


I'm trying to figure out how to use Storyline blocks in Rise 360. I've created a button that, when clicked, creates an xAPI record in the LRS saying it was clicked.

This works fine when I export the slide from Storyline as an xAPI module and then import into my LMS. I can click the button and see each click registered as an xAPI event in the course reports.

However, when I upload from Storyline to Review, and then use that to add the Storyline block to my Rise 360 course, the xAPI data doesn't get sent - meaning, I click the button but no record of me clicking it is sent to the LRS.

How can I fix this?

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Tim St. Clair

I'd say "it depends". Are you able to share a simple example of how your button in Storyline works now? What LMS are you using? 

You can probably do what you're trying to, just with messy extra steps inside the javascript of the button that is sending the xAPI statement (such as including all the extra communciations layer, and figuring out the actor).

Rise won't let you talk xAPI directly, but there might be a way to configure/fudge things so that it works.