Sep 08, 2023

We produce our own videos for our students and import them into our SCORMS. However this makes the SCORM very large. We generally first upload the video to our YouTube channel then select the 'embed' option and enter the URL for this into our SCORM. This however only reduces the SCORM marginally.

Can anyone suggest a better process to keep our SCORMS small?

We've also tried importing the video into Storyline to make the file smaller and then publishing it, but this seems to increase the SCORM size.

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Lea Agato

Hi Kristyn,

We'd love to take a closer look at your SCORM file to understand why the size remains very large. Would you mind sharing a copy of your file with us? You can share it with us privately using this link

Once we receive your file, one of our customer support engineers will reach out and work with you directly.