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Greg Giani

Is there an alternative way of adding transcripts instead of a download or accordion? 

I'm looking for an option that would allow the transcript to appear onscreen alongside the video so that the user can view both at the same time, rather than having to download a file or scroll down to an accordion. 


Allison LaMotte

Hi Greg,

Right now, there isn’t a way to do that in Rise. However, you could create something like this in Storyline and insert it into Rise via a Storyline block.

If the ability to do this natively in Rise would make authoring easier for you, please log a feature request to tell us more. 

Stephanie Frisbey-Roll


I created a screen record video in Storyline and imported it into Rise, the issue I have is that I can't make the storyline interaction full screen in Rise.  Am I missing something somewhere? Otherwise, I will have to publish as an MP4 and figure out some other way to post the transcript?