We're sorry: Incidents March 5 to March 7 2024

Mar 08, 2024

We’re sorry.

At Articulate, we are committed to your success and owning our mistakes. One of our core tenets as a human centered organization is being responsible and accountable to one another. So it is important to us to be transparent about what happened and our response.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 5, we had an 18-minute outage that prevented access to Articulate 360. Unfortunately, that was followed by three other issues that disrupted access off and on over Wednesday and Thursday as well. Any outage is bad but this kept you and your organization from your online learning goals. 

What Happened

Tuesday, March 5:

  • From approximately 15:06 to 15:24 ET, we had an outage due to an application service issue that lasted 18 minutes and prevented access to Rise 360 and account management.

Wednesday, March 6: 

  • From approximately 08:18 to 09:28 ET, we had an outage due to a platform system issue that lasted for 1 hour and 10 minutes and prevented you from accessing the Rise 360 dashboard.
  • From approximately 14:51 through 19:45 ET, we had a separate platform network issue that lasted for 4 hours and 54 minutes across all of Articulate 360 preventing access to services including Rise 360, Review 360, and account management.

Thursday, March 7:

  • From approximately 08:42 through 12:42 ET, a recurrence of the platform network issue lasted for another 4 hours before a full resolution was put in place. 

Throughout these outages, customer data and account security remained fully protected.

What’s next

We will share a write-up on the incident next week including details on the new systems and processes we are putting in place to help ensure this doesn’t happen again. As a reminder, here is a link to our status page for real-time service updates. If you have any additional questions in advance, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

This was a mistake and ours alone. We know what it feels like to be waiting for a resolution to a problem and we’re sorry we put you in that situation. Your patience and support, as we addressed and rectified the issues, mean the world to us. 

We take matters like this very seriously and are committed to doing better. 

8 Replies
Eric Santos

Hello Amanda,

I'm happy to let you know we released a new update for Rise 360. This update fixes the issue where custom styling is lost on the heading and subheading. There's nothing to install for web apps. New features and fixes are immediately available.

Let me know if you have any questions about this update or the issue you reported!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Ange CM!

Sorry for the trouble with audio and captions in Review 360. I’ve opened a case on your behalf so that we can work with you directly.

For anyone who has questions or feedback about the outage, we encourage you to reach out to our Support Team in a support case. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience this caused.

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