where to host the Rise glossary

Jul 01, 2019

Hi storyliners,

I want to make a glossary with about 400 words in it. I'm making it in Rise because the courses are also in Rise. My thought was to load up the courses and the glossary to the LMS in separate SCORM packages. We figure out a way to do this. However, the client just pointed out to me that every time the learner accesses the glossary in the LMS, they are charged a usage fee. I completely forgot about this caveat because I was so excited about the linking. With 7 courses and one shared glossary, this obviously can get very expensive. 

I'm wondering if I can zip both the rise course and the glossary into one package to trick the LMS. The glossary is organized where each term is its own lesson. It is not a possibility for me to add 400+ lessons to each course because it would be overwhelming to the user. 

The other thought was to publish the glossary not to the LMS but rather to AWS and link each course to that published file. I'm thinking this may be cheaper but I don't know by how much. 

Any suggestions will be appreciated. 



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