Why do Rise lessons increment to complete before lesson is done ?

Oct 18, 2018


They are all video modules or modules with multiple video blocks.

"Marking Lessons Complete" is off in user navigation.


Rise Lesson Completion Status -- Early

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Avid Technology!  Thanks for reaching out.  In my sample course, I saw video lessons register complete only once within one second of completing.  With video blocks, and no other blocks following, however, I saw that the video lesson registers as complete immediately.

It looks like you're seeing the same behavior with the video lesson type, as well, though.  Can you let me know which browser you're using to view your course, and if this is happening in preview, and exported output?

In the meantime, for video blocks, I recommend placing a Continue block after the video to have a more meaningful progress indicator.  Let me know if that works for you, and I'll keep you posted on the video block completion issue!

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