Working from Home - a Course Sample Built in Rise

Hi eLearning Community!

I have just discovered (better late than never - ha-ha) the power of Articulate Rise and wanted to share here a sample course built with this awesome tool. As many of the eLearning professionals work remotely, I hope that the insights presented in this fun course would be of extra value for the community. 

Working from Home course link.

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Tamara Tarasova

Thank you Yanyan! 

I added the quiz through the Blocks function but you would need SL 360 for that. I first built in Storyline, then published it to 360. Then I added a block into the Rise course, chose "Interactive" and then at the very bottom of interactive options there is an option to add Storyline. This is where I selected the link to my 360 quiz. Hope it makes sense.