As an e-learning designer, you have a unique ability to get time under control with interactive timelines. Interactive timelines help us share sequential information with our learners, whether it’s step-by-step instructions or, more commonly, a tour through history. 

We’ve collected a handful of PowerPoint timeline templates to give you a head start, saving you some valuable course-building time of your own.

  1. PowerPoint: Key Milestones Timeline: This smart, sleek design is perfect for quick descriptions of major moments in your company’s history. It also works well for short step-by-step instructions or even as a menu page.
  2. PowerPoint: Color Pop Timeline: This bright, vertical design offers plenty of space to share detailed information for each point on the timeline plus a limitless scrolling transition, allowing you to add as many items as you’d like to your history or process interaction.
  3. Timeline Template: This tabbed click-and-reveal timeline gives you lots of opportunities to make it your own, including changing the prominent background image.
  4. Follow the Timeline: The shortest distance between two points might be a straight line, but this creative timeline, inspired by a children’s book, adds some great twists and turns and engages learners as they explore.
  5. History of E-Learning:  Highlighting a quick history (like this survey-style history of e-learning) is easy and engaging with this colorful, tabbed timeline template. And if you swap the years out for digits, you’ll have a six-step process interaction in no time.
  6. PowerPoint Template: Interactive Timeline: Try this 10-tabbed timeline if you want to display big, gorgeous pictures and still have plenty of space to write about each item. 


All of these templates are easy to make your own, and this series of 10-Minute Template Transformations can help with customization. 


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