Tab interactions are, of course, quick and easy to make, but they’re also wonderfully helpful for learners. By organizing a lot of content on a single page, tabs keep courses from seeming cluttered and help learners explore a boatload of information in a single place. And tailoring the look and feel of your course to match your environment makes that single place feel comfortable and familiar. 

We’ve gathered nine PowerPoint tabs templates that borrow their style and vibe from different industries to help you find the perfect home for your content. 

  1. Architecture-Themed Tabs Template: Create architecture, construction, and even general office/business courses fast with this uniquely angular, animated template.
  2. Techie Tabs Interaction: Get a great start for tech-oriented courses such as learning to use software or hardware, web security, and web literacy with this tab-interaction freebie.
  3. Computer Security Tabs Template: This example offers not only an orderly design but also a head start on writing computer security tips.
  4. Business-Themed Tabs Template: Featuring a serene, modern vibe, this office-themed tabs design is easy to customize to keep the focus on leadership, management techniques, financial reporting, and more.
  5. Onboarding Tabs: Marrying clean and classic black-and-white imagery and modern, bold color with smooth animations, this tabs template provides a creative way to organize onboarding and other overview materials.
  6. Medical Research Tabs: This professional tab example is ready-made for medical, health, and science courses. And, of course, a quick swap of images and icons opens up your options to countless other topics.
  7. Medical Scenario Template: With its engaging, illustrated layout, this template fits perfectly in the medical industry and can also make a great backdrop for human resources to present health benefits and personal wellness courses. 
  8. Hospitality Tabs Template: This template naturally lends itself to tourism, lodging, and event management courses, or even vacation policy courses from human resources. But with some quick photo swaps, this chic, flexible design can easily adapt to just about anything. 
  9. Bulletin Board: Whether you’re in the education industry, providing employee resources, or just looking for a quirky, cool design, your material will be unforgettable when it’s posted on this bulletin board tabs background.

All of these templates are easy to make your own, and this series of 10-Minute Template Transformations can help with customization.