Animated Flashcards

Illustrated hands holding a series of animated question and answer cards. 

What's inside?

A Quizmaker template with six question and answer slides.

How do I use?

You can work with the template a couple of ways. Because the file is a .quiztemplate file, you can import the AnimatedFlashcards.quiztemplate into an existing Quizmaker quiz and select only the question types you want.

Or, you can open the AnimatedFlashcards.quiz template, Save the file, and use all or selected questions from the template.

Lynda Claspy
David Anderson
Violaine Guillaume
David Anderson

Hi Violaine - This file was saved as a Quizmaker template file. This gives you a couple options for working with the question types. One way is to double click the file to open an instance of the file. You'll notice Quizmaker creates a new, untitled Quiz from the template. From here, you can duplicate question types as well as delete unwanted questions. Another option is to create a new quiz and import selected question types from the Quiz template. We have an overview Screenr on the process: To create a True/False question, you could delete some of the multiple choice options, or create a new, Graded Question and select True/False. The Slide Master has the graphics you need, but you'll need to copy the cover graphics (thumb, papers) from an existing question t... Expand

David Anderson
Greg B Jones