This businesslike design is suitable for a broad range of e-learning projects. The colors are tied to PowerPoint’s built-in color schemes, so you can instantly customize the look by switching to a different scheme — or create your own scheme to reflect your corporate colors.

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Jeanette Brooks

@Niki: The image placeholders on the content slides are objects on the slide master layout, and you can customize any of the master layouts as you like. Here's how: in PowerPoint, click View > Slide Master and find the layout you want to customize. In your case, what you can do is resize the existing 3 image placeholders to make room for a fourth one. Then select one of the existing image placeholders and use Ctrl+D on your keyboard to duplicate it. Now you'll have 4, and you can rearrange them as necessary. When you click Close Master View to go back to your slides, you can reapply the master to see the updated version. Just right-click on the gray area outside of your slide, choose Layout, and then select the newly customized layout. Here's a quick screencast showing these steps: jean... Expand