Here's a simple template you can use with Engage's Labeled Graphic interaction to quickly compare two variables.

See it in action: Demo

What's included?

You get a custom-sized PowerPoint file with two slides. We created the PowerPoint file at 690x470 - the same size as the Labeled Graphic - so you can easily modify and save the slides as images.

How do I use it?

Open the PowerPoint file and select Slide 1 or 2. Give your graph a title, add labels and scales to each axis and save the slide as an image.

You don't need to resize your graphics because the PowerPoint slide size is already the same as the Labeled Graphic. Just go to File > Save As and select an image format such as .png or .jpg. Open Line-Graph.intr and click Change Image to use your new background image.

Additional resources:

Try some handwritten fonts for the text labels or try one of the Display Boards backgrounds.