Here's the Articulate Storyline 2 demo featured in this Rapid E-Learning Blog post. The template uses variables to track completion and shouldn't have to be modified. However, feel free to make any modifications you like.

Here's a published version of the template and a PowerPoint version of the template for those using Articulate Studio.

Craig  Gerdes

Hey Tom- I really like this downlaod. I had planned to use it as a template to quickly create several mini-modules. I created the first one with no problem. Then I created a second one again with no problem. Then I decided to combine them into one project. Then when I played the project the second mini-module had all the tabs already marked as completed when I initially went into it after completing the first one. I went back to change the names of the objects to Mod1a for example and Mod1aCompleted in the the slide master thinking that it was getting confused because the naming conventions were the same. Still no luck so I exported the second module back out of the combined project as a new project to compare with the original 2nd mini-moudle. It still has the completed states and... Expand