Choosing your course’s aesthetic is about more than simply making things look professional and pleasing. The visual vibe you set for your course also sets the tone for your learners. After all, you’re creating the virtual environment in which they’ll engage with your content. 

And much like decorating our homes or our desktops with special touches for the holidays, setting a seasonal theme for your e-learning can establish a festive mood that makes learners excited to participate. 

We’ve gathered a collection of PowerPoint templates that’ll help you create content that celebrates whatever season you’re in.

  • For Winter: Winter-Themed Tabs Template: For the coldest season, winter sure does inspire a lot of warmth: snowball fights, gift-giving holidays, the fond farewell to an old year and optimistic ringing in of the new. This snow-sprinkled course template by Allison LaMotte offers sweet seasonal pick-me-up advice, and provides a great place to begin building a lesson that’s sure to spark learners’ enthusiasm.
  • For Spring: PowerPoint: Guess the Flower: Marking a time of renewal, spring brings with it beauty and a sense of fresh energy. So, it’s the perfect time to put this lovely floral template by Nicole Legault to use. The click-and-reveal interactions give learners an opportunity to refresh their memories or to discover something new. 
  • For Summer: Beach Beach-Themed Tabs:  Nothing says “summer” quite like the beach, where the sun’s rays and the ocean’s waves reign supreme. Harness the season’s natural power and energize learners by sharing your content through this cool, coastal course design by Trina Rimmer.
  • For Autumn/Fall: Pumpkin Spice Tabs Template: It’s the season of harvests, of leaves turning color and falling from the trees, of Halloween and Thanksgiving and of all things pumpkin spice. Capture the essence of autumn’s awesomeness with this delicious download by Allison LaMotte.


Download this megapack to get all these templates. They’re easy to make your own with the tips in this series of 10-Minute Template Transformations.