Turn your next quiz into a fun game using this quiz game template. This template makes use of the random number variable, animations, and icons from Content Library to create a "rolling the dice" effect.  The quiz includes 20 multiple-choice question slides that you can quickly customize with your own question text.

Don't forget to download the font (Bree Serif) to get the exact look-and-feel you see here! 

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Nicole Legault
Nicole Legault
Ladd Skelly
Amber Oakley

Hi Tara, Firstly, I rigged the dice so that it only rolled to 5 and grouped a couple of questions so that I didn't have too many i.e. Q1 jumps to Q2 when you press submit, Q2 jumps back to the game when you press submit. I left the True/False trigger on the question slides as well. I also added a trigger to the last question which made it jump to the results slide. On the game board I added a "ClickCount" variable so when they press the Roll the Dice button it adds one. On the numbered layers I added the following conditions to the chess piece: Jump to Slide: Question 1 When: The entrance animation completed On Condition: If click count is equal to 1.0 Question 1 is equal to False Jump to Slide: Question 2 When: The entrance animation comp... Expand

Nicole Legault

Hi Tara! You can certainly add a Results score and modify the amount of points each question is worth. Say there's 20 questions, each worth 5 points. There's a total possible 100 points to get 100%. You know that if you roll the maximum of 6 each time you roll, you'll still need to roll the dice at least 4 times (6+6+6+6=24) to get to the end of the game (Question 20), so you don't want to set your score any lower than 20 points, or 20%. You'd basically need to set that (20%) to be your passing score, because if you set your passing score to be say, 50%(50 points) then if they happen to roll all 6's and get only 4 questions they wont be able to score that many points. So in this case, I would say you set each question to be worth 5 points (if you have 20 questions - this equals 100) a... Expand

Deb Martins
Nicole Legault
Nicole Legault

Storyline 360 is one of the tools you get with Articulate 360, which is indeed an annual subscription. However, it's important to note that with your subscription you get more than just Storyline 360, you also get a huge content library which includes TONS of characters and literally millions of stock images, videos, icon sets and illustrations, as well as a Review app that lets you quickly share your courses for feedback with anyone. Plus there's lots more you get with an Articulate 360 subscription including Live training sessions every week with Articulate experts like myself, video recording & editing tools, and more. Also, with Articulate 360 you get new features and updates immediately as they're released, for example, the number variable which is already available in Storyline 3... Expand

Donna Winter

Hey Nicole, Here is what Ryan said! I think I he it figured out but here is the file... Hi Donna, Thanks for patiently waiting. It appears that the issue occurs because of the When revisiting option on slide 1.1. Currently, it is set to Resume saved state. When changing this to Automatically decide, it works. I've just added some triggers to change the state of the picture to hidden and to show the layers when the timeline starts and it is working fine now. Please see attached file. I've also logged it as a possible software bug. From here, I'll meet with my team to take a closer look so we can determine next steps. Sometimes my team catches errors in my logic and we don't have a bug after all. Of course, if that's the case, I'll let you know! Depending on priority and risk, some bugs ... Expand

Chris Smith
Nicole Legault
Katie Riggio