This short motion graphics Storyline* template is the perfect way to explain e-learning to newbies in a dynamic and interesting way. Download the template and use it as is, or adapt it to fit your needs.

See this project in action.

The device illustrations used in this template (and a couple extra that I didn’t use) are available for free download here: Tech Device Mockups. The other illustrations included are either default shapes or downloaded from Content Library.

If you like this template, you might also like my other motion graphics template. And don’t forget to download the font to get the exact look you see in my example: Montserrat.

Hope you find good use for it! :)

*This template will work for folks using Storyline 360 (included in Articulate 360). Want to try it out? Get a free trial of Articulate 360.

Heather Vogt
Heather Vogt
Christine Carlstead
Dave LeFevre

Storyline 360 can do some great animations these days, as your example illustrates. And you've demo'ed some great tricks (using boxes to 'hide' content until you want it revealed, using timing well to pop text and objects on screen, and more). Thanks for building and sharing that. Now all we need is shrink/grow as an 'in-place' animation and we can have full cinematic effects. PowerPoint has it which allows you to create animated videos there that have slow zooms (over 10-15 seconds or something, to match narration) or to start with a zoomed-in object and slowly pan back to see more of it. I can kind of do that in Storyline with entrance and exit effects but it's difficult to achieve the same effect as an in-place animation that doesn't make the object appear or disappear. Motion paths... Expand