This template was used in the Microphone Demo blog post. It's a simple template that uses only two slide layouts: Web Object layout and Image Placeholder layout.

Users shared their microphone demos as either audio files or Screenr video files, so the template includes layouts for both. But don't think this is only for microphone and audio demos! The template helps group content into two areas: main  content  (top) and user profile, more info (bottom).

To work with the template:

  1. Create a new slide
  2. Right-click the slide thumbnail in Outline view and select Layout from the drop-down menu
  3. Choose either the Web Object layout (blank) or the Image Layout (Image placeholder) to update the slide

If you use the template, please consider sharing your examples with the community. It's always fun to see the creative ways templates are repurposed.

Note: System fonts are used in the template. The published example uses Clarendon.