Learn how the Curiosity Rover is helping us study Mars in this demo. Be sure to check out the interactive model of the rover, which was created with the Storyline block in Rise. It's a great way to add custom interactions to the responsive content you create with Rise. 

Kyle Main
Simon Hall

Page 4/13 Mars Trivia First question I did was a true and false question. It asked: Mars is the third planet from the sun. True or False I answered false and the feedback said "Not quite Mars is the fourth planet from the sun." I retook this question and answered true to which the feedback said "Correct. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun." It doesn't matter how responsive a module is or how the interactions are, if the information it contains is clearly unreliable, then all the time spent on design is wasted because learners won't trust it. (sorry can't seem to attach a pic) Curiosity rover interactive video and other videos are really nice, but seems to have some padding issues. Mind you I'm using inspector to view it on various screen sizes in landscape mode... Expand

Tom Kuhlmann
Mark Van Hare
Tom Kuhlmann