Check out this stunning demo created with Rise, the responsive authoring app in Articulate 360. You'll learn about the history of coffee while experiencing the media-rich and interactive lesson types you can use in Rise. And you'll love how easy it is to create pro-quality e-learning, fast. Phil created this excellent course in just a couple of hours!

You can try Rise with a free trial of Articulate 360.

Greg Nelson

Thanks Phil for a great example of how to set up a Rise module. With the opening slide, I'm really interested to know how you achieved the transition from the coffee machine to the blank coloured background behind the title text - this is quite elegant and deceptively transparent. I'm also interested in how you used the Process function - it works great on a mobile. Can you also explain how you built the quiz. Although I've found the quiz option, mine are simple compared to your progress wheel and minimum pass rate upon completion. For me there is a lot here to absorb in this module (from a design and use of Rise point of view), and although I've watched all the Rise how to's so far and attended webinars etc. your example is on another level. I would appreciate a webinar or screen uploa... Expand

Elizabeth Ilawan