Hi, I was inspired by this dynamic weather feature. Did not find any reply from the author. Did some research and here is the soul of the basic solution: On a Execute JavaScript Trigger: function Get(dataURL){ var Httpreq = new XMLHttpRequest(); Httpreq.open("GET", dataURL, false); Httpreq.send(null); return Httpreq.responseText; } //get your API ID from openweathermap.org. You need to read about the API structure. For now I am only using the URL for Current Weather Data: var dataURL = "http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?id=4044019&&units=metric&appid=get API ID from openweathermap.org"; var json_obj = JSON.parse(Get(dataURL)); //you'll need to install a JSON viewer extension on your browser to view the JSON structure so you c... Expand