Presenter ‘09 provides a couple different ways of displaying your slide notes for your learners. One handy way is to include the notes in your presentation’s sidebar. This tutorial shows how to add notes to your sidebar.

Stwp 1: Enter Your Slide Notes

For any slide where you want notes to appear in the sidebar, enter your notes text in PowerPoint's slide notes area.

Not sure where to do this? In PowerPoint, choose View from the PowerPoint ribbon and then click Notes Page. Or, just drag the bottom edge of the slide viewing area upward to reveal the notes pane:

If you apply any special text formatting to your slide notes in PowerPoint, the formatting will be preserved when you publish with Presenter.

Step 2: Configure Your Player to Display in Standard View

Next you'll need to make sure your player is set up to display your course in standard view (since that's the only view mode where the sidebar appears).

  1. From the Articulate menu, select Player Templates.
  2. Click the Layout tab.
  3. Make sure Standard view is selected.
  4. You can mark other view modes here too if you want users to be able to toggle their view. But if you want your course to launch in Standard view, you should select that, and then click Set As Starting View.

Step 3: Set Up Your Sidebar to Include the Notes Tab

  1. While still in the Player Templates window, click the Navigation tab.
  2. In the Navigation Tabs window, mark the box next to Notes tab. You can choose other tabs here, too, if you want them to appear in your sidebar navigation panel. 
  3. If you've enabled more than just the Notes tab, consider which tab you want to be on top (in other words, immediately visible) when your course launches. Select that tab and click Set As Starting Tab.
  4. Click Close. When you're prompted, save the changes you made to your player template.

You're done! Next time you publish, your presentation will include a Notes tab in the sidebar, where learners can see your slide notes.

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