Presenter ‘09’s annotation features lets you easily add designer-quality callouts to your presentation—without being a graphics guru or spending your day building, customizing and animating PowerPoint shapes. There are five great-looking annotation styles that’ll help your users zero in on specific elements of your slides. And each shape is customizable—you pick the fill color, outline color, size, and even the way it animates. Even better: it's a snap to time each annotation perfectly with your narration. No need to fuss with entry and exit times in PowerPoint's animation timeline.

Since the annotations aren't PowerPoint objects, they won't clutter up your slide. They only appear when users view your published presentation. This is especially good news if you like to provide users with printouts of your presentations. Your printed output will be nice and clean, with only your slide elements visible.

How Annotations Work

Presenter's annotation tool works a little like a screen recorder. While you record or play back your audio narration, Presenter captures the onscreen annotations you apply, in time with your narration. You decide exactly when and where the annotations appear.

Most new users start by getting their narration in place first—either by recording in Presenter or importing their audio files. Then they apply and sync any animations they want to use, and then add annotations to the slides. However, you also have the flexibility of recording narration and adding annotations at the same time, if you like. Choose whichever way works best for you. See these tutorials for details:

Adding Annotations When Your Audio's Already in Place
Adding Annotations and Recording Narration at the Same Time