The sidebar of your course player can be a great tool for your learners—you can use it to display a navigation panel, information about your narrator or presenter, a logo, and more. You can even add a movie to your sidebar if you want. To learn about how you can tailor your sidebar, see these tutorials:

Adding a Logo to the Sidebar
Adding a Presenter Panel to the Sidebar
Adding a Movie to the Presenter Panel in Your Sidebar
Customizing the Sidebar Navigation Tabs
Changing the Slide Titles in the Outline Tab
Applying Levels to Slides in the Outline Tab
Hiding a Slide from Appearing in the Outline Tab
Enabling Scrolling in the Outline Tab of Your Sidebar
Removing Slide Numbers from the Outline Tab in the Sidebar

And if you’d rather not include a sidebar in your course, no problem. You can display your presentation in No Sidebar View or Slide Only View, and the sidebar won’t appear. The view modes tutorial contains steps for switching the view mode of your presentation.