Quizmaker ‘09’s blank slides allow you to enhance your quiz or survey with any content you want your learners to see. We call these slides “blank” because they don’t contain a quiz question—which means they’re like a blank slate to which you can add whatever content you want. You might like to use blank slides for:

  • An introduction to your quiz or survey.
  • Setup information or contextual details that learners need before they answer a specific question in your quiz.
  • E-learning content (in fact, Quizmaker provides such an easy authoring interface that some developers use Quizmaker as a standalone tool to build their entire course—interspersing quiz questions wherever they need to give learners a choice or test their knowledge).
  • Customized feedback slides for specific quiz questions.

Here’s how to add a blank slide to your quiz or survey:

  1. Click Blank Slide on the Quizmaker toolbar.
  2. The Form View of the editor appears: For maximum control over the look and content of your slide, click Slide View and use the tools available there. (To find out more about using Slide View, check out the many tutorials on customizing your quiz questions and content in the sidebar at your right.) Or, you can stay in Form View, and do things like:
    • Enter a title and body text for your slide.
    • Use the Media and Sound buttons to enhance your slide with images, video, or audio.
    • Enter text in the Feedback area at the bottom if you’d like users to see pop-up feedback when they advance from this blank slide. (Click the More button if you want to stylize the text used in your feedback pop-up, add audio or hyperlinks to your feedback pop-up, or apply branching behavior that takes the learner to a different part of your quiz when they leave the blank slide.) Note:  If you enter text for a feedback pop-up, you'll also need to make sure your quiz player template allows users to submit answers for one question at a time (rather than all questions at once). You can find out more about that, along with additional tips on setting up feedback, here.
  3. You’ll also want to check the following display settings to make sure your blank slide displays the way you want. In Form View, the settings are on the Display area of the toolbar. In Slide View, you can find them on the Options tab:
    • Include in question count: If you want your blank slide to be numbered along with other questions in your quiz, mark this box. This will cause the quiz to have a number next to it when displayed in the question navigation panel on your quiz player. It’ll also affect the numbering on the printed results of your quiz, if you choose to make a Print Results button available on your result slide
    • Show in quiz review:  Mark this box if you’ve enabled a Review Quiz button on your result slide, and you want your blank slide to be included when learners review their quiz.
    • Navigation Name: If you’ve enabled a question navigation panel on your quiz player and you want the blank slide to be listed with a title other than the one you entered on the slide itself, you can enter the alternate title here.
  4. When you’re finished setting up your blank slide, you can preview what it'll look like to your users by clicking Preview. Or, click Save & Close to go back to your quiz or survey and add more questions or more blank slides.