In Quizmaker ’09, one of the ways you can customize the look of your quiz is by changing the colors on your quiz player template. The player template consists of anything in your published quiz that’s not contained on your quiz slide—such as the frame around your quiz content, pop-up boxes, buttons, and more.


Here’s how to alter your quiz player’s color scheme:

  1. Open your quiz in Quizmaker and click Player Templates.  
  2. The color scheme you're currently using is highlighted orange. Click Edit.
  3. Click Colors and Effects. You’ll see a window like this:
  4. You can use the Color scheme drop-down to choose a new color scheme. Or, if you’d like to customized your own scheme, click Edit to modify the currently selected color scheme or click New to create a new one. (If you choose New, you’ll need to enter a name for your color scheme too.) 
  5. If you’re editing a color scheme or building a new one, the color scheme editor will pop up. Use the selector at the bottom of the window to choose the part of the player you want to customize, and then use the color drop-downs to choose a color (or choose More Colors if you want to enter specific color values).
  6. Once you’re done choosing colors,   click OK, then Close. (Save your changes if you’re prompted to do that.)

That's it! Your custom color scheme is now part of your quiz player template. The new colors will appear the next time your preview or publish your quiz.