Creating Interactive 360° Images in E-Learning #337

Using 360° Images in E-Learning  #337: Challenge | Recap 

With Storyline 360, you can now create immersive learning experiences using the new 360° image feature. Using any 360° image, you can make interactive panoramas, virtual tours, explore-type activities, and so much more. 

360° Image Examples 

Here are some creative examples from our Senior QA Engineer, Annie Kim. Annie shared these examples early on, and they helped many of us begin to see what’s possible with this fantastic new feature. If you have questions about anything Annie shared in her example, jump into this forum thread, and we’ll help you out. 

360° Image Examples View the examples

Getting Started with 360° Images

This overview video shows you how to insert 360° images and add basic interactivity with markers, hotspots, and triggers. Of course, you can do a lot more with this feature, but this should help you get started.

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7 Ways to View All 360° Image Markers Before Clicking Next Button 

Currently, 360° image interactions don't have triggers to evaluate visited states. But that's okay because Storyline 360 has plenty of options to help you ensure learners click all markers before moving forward. Here are seven ways to ensure learners click and view all items in 360° images before continuing. 

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Here are a few resources to help you get started. We’re working on more articles, how-tos, and downloads over the next week. As always, jump into the forums if you get stuck or need help with your project.

360° Stock Photos 

Here are some sites we’re recommending for free, open-source 360° photos. 

  • Flickr. Great collection of panoramic images you can use to build your examples this week.
  • Pixexid. Free stock photo site with a large collection of 360 photos.
  • Unsplash. The standard for stock photos has a solid collection of 360° images.

360 Degree Cameras

Here are four of the most popular 360° cameras:

Announcement and Discussion 

360° Images User Guide 

Challenge of the Week 

This week, your challenge is to share an example using Storyline’s 360° image feature. Since this is a new feature, anything you share will benefit the community. Here are some ideas you can consider using for your examples:

  • Escape room or office. Check out the office example Annie shared for inspiration.
  • Product tours and demos. Start with a static photo of a product and add buttons that jump to different slide layers with their own 360° image. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the right photos for your example. We’re looking for general concepts and ideas this week.
  • Guided and virtual tours. Tours are an excellent topic to use with the locked navigation and progress options. 

New to Storyline 360?

If you're brand new or just getting started with Storyline 360, we've got you covered. I know we have many Rise 360 users who follow the challenges. So if you'd like to participate this week, check out the overview video to get a big picture view of how 360° images work. 

Next, try creating a new project and importing a 360° photo. Guess what? You just built an immersive example

Finally, try adding a hotspot or marker to begin adding interactivity. If you have questions, start a new thread and mention "360° image challenge" in the subject line, and we'll help you out.

Share Your E-Learning Work

  • Comments: Use the comments section below to share a link to your published example and blog post.
  • Forums: Start a thread and share a link to your published example.
  • Personal blog: If you have a blog, please consider writing about your challenges. We’ll link back to your posts, so the great work you’re sharing gets even more exposure.
  • Social Media: If you share your demos on Twitter or LinkedIn, try using #ELHChallenge so your tweeps can track your e-learning coolness.

New to the E-Learning Challenges? 

The weekly e-learning challenges are ongoing opportunities to learn, share, and build your e-learning portfolios. You can jump into any or all of the previous challenges anytime you want. I’ll update the recap posts to include your demos.

Learn more about the challenges in this Q&A post and why and how to participate in this helpful article.

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