Lesson files

Before we get started, let's take a quick peek at the lesson files that we're using for this course.

The DIYTC Workshop comprises three modules — each aligning to a stage in the Rapid E-learning Story. You can download each module's lesson files from the Workshops gallery:

Whenever a lesson file is available for a tutorial, you'll see the chapter and file name at the beginning of the lesson:

Here's what you'll find in the lesson files:

  • Start and Final versions
  • Published examples
  • Templates you can use in your own projects

Some of the images and videos we used were from iStockPhoto. Due to licensing restrictions, we're unable to offer them as individual assets. We can, however, include them in our source files, which is what we did.

So, techniques like importing images and videos will be steps we just assume you know how to do. Of course, you can check out the detailed Articulate Tutorials for those lessons.

Let's get going.  If you're just getting started, you probably want to start with the first section.  

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