Storyline 3's form-based Feedback window makes it easy to add text, audio, and branching to your feedback. (For more control over your feedback design, see Working with Feedback Layers.)

Accessing the Feedback Window

To access the Feedback window from a question slide, switch to Form View and click the More button beside any feedback field. (If you don't see any More buttons, you'll need to enable feedback first.)

Adding and Formatting Feedback Text

Enter text for the feedback prompt in the field at the top of the window, or copy and paste it from another source. Use the buttons in the upper left corner to add formatting and hyperlinks to your text.

Tip: You'll need to install a right-to-left keyboard input language in Windows to see the Right-to-Left Text Direction button.

Adding and Editing Audio

Use the buttons in the lower left corner of the window to add and edit audio.


Click this button to record narration for the feedback prompt. Click it again to stop recording.


Click this button to start over when you're previewing recorded or imported audio.


Click this button to play (preview) your audio. Click it again to pause playback.


Click this button to delete recorded or imported audio for the feedback prompt.


Click this button to use the built-in audio editor. (See Editing Audio for details.)


Click this button to import an audio file.

Branching to Other Slides

By default, all slides branch to the next slide in the course, but you can change this behavior. For example, you might want to branch learners to a certain slide if they get a particular question right and another slide if they get it wrong.

Use the branching drop-down to choose what will happen when learners advance past the current slide.

Next Slide

This jumps to the next slide in the course.

Previous Slide

This jumps back to the last slide viewed. (It might not be sequentially before the current slide.)

Specific Scene

Select any scene in your course to jump directly to it.

Specific Slide

Select any slide in your course to jump directly to it.

Result Slide

Select any result slide in your course. This ends the quiz and takes the learner to the result slide.

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