If you have a team of e-learning developers, you probably have two basic goals: to create beautiful, effective courses and to manage your team as efficiently as possible. And we want to help you do just that! That’s why we’re always adding new features to Articulate 360 Teams. Check out the following 10 features that’ll have you collaborating on projects and managing your team with ease, no matter how big your team grows.

Collaboration Features

Shared Team Slides in Storyline 360

Easily collaborate on Storyline projects with a library of shared team slides. Team members upload and download slides, scenes, and entire projects right within Storyline 360. It’s perfect for sharing project templates, slides that need to be in every course, and reusable slide content, such as interactions and quiz questions. Learn more about team slides.

Collaborative Authoring in Rise

Work together on Rise courses with members of any Articulate 360 team. Create and edit different lessons simultaneously or take turns fine-tuning the same one. Changes happen in real time, so everyone always works on the most recent version. Learn more about collaborative authoring.

Shared Block Templates in Rise

Build Rise courses faster by saving existing blocks and their content as templates. Share those templates with your team, then everyone can reuse them in other Rise courses. Learn more about block templates.

Project Reviews in Articulate Review

Speed up project reviews. Publish e-learning projects from Storyline, Rise, and your other Articulate 360 apps to Articulate Review to gather feedback from stakeholders. Collect in-context feedback, follow threaded discussions, and resolve comments in one easy-to-use web app. Learn more about Articulate Review.

Admin Features

Consolidated Billing Management

Articulate 360 Teams makes billing management simple. You get one annual bill that covers all your team seats. You have the flexibility to pay via credit card or purchase order. And as your team grows, you can add more seats using your account management console. Learn more about account management.

Easy User Management

Easily add and remove users as your team evolves. For example, when users leave the company or their roles change, remove them from your team and assign the seats to new users. You can even upload all your users at once using a simple CSV file. And you can add as many admins as you’d like to manage your team. Learn more about managing your team.

Group Admins

Manage your team with ease. Organize users in groups, such as departments or locations, and assign admins to manage each group. Watch this video for a brief overview and check out this article for details on managing users, groups, and admins.

Manage Team Slides and Block Templates

Admins who have user seats can rename and delete all Storyline 360 team slides and Rise shared block templates. This is helpful when the original content owners aren’t available to make changes.

Transfer Content (in development)

Maintain control of your content and intellectual property. When you remove users from the team, you’ll be able to transfer ownership of their projects to other team members. Projects include Storyline 360 team slides, Rise courses and block templates, and Articulate Review content items.

Single Sign-On (in development)

Don’t worry about remembering (or forgetting!) another password. Enterprise users will be able to sign into Articulate 360 with their company identities. Stay tuned for details!

Start a Free Trial

Experience these Articulate 360 Teams features for yourself! Sign up for a 60-day free trial of Articulate 360. You can invite up to 10 users to join your team during the trial period. You’ll get the exclusive collaboration and admin features described above, as well as award-winning authoring apps, 3+ million royalty-free course assets, and live online training. See these FAQs to learn more about free trials and let us know if you need help!