Ever find that you’re creating quizzes with question types, feedback, or scoring options similar to those you’ve used before? Well, rather than recreating them from scratch over and again, you can save some time by reusing them instead. Today, I’d like to show you three different ways to leverage your existing Articulate Quizmaker  material.

1. Duplicate a question

If you want to quickly tweak and repurpose questions within the same quiz, it’s really easy to copy an existing question. Just right-click the question you’d like to copy, and select Duplicate Question.

2. Import questions from another quiz

Sometimes you have common content—like quiz instructions, feedback, or course evaluation questions—that you want to use again. Luckily, you can easily import some or all of the questions to your new quiz.

Steps to import questions from an existing quiz:

  1. Click Articulate button and select Import Questions ...
  2. Click Open to select the quiz or survey with the questions you want to import.
  3. In the Import Questions dialogue, select questions to import either by quiz, question group, or individual question.

3. Save Your Quiz As a Quiz Template

If you want to use an entire quiz as a starting point for future quizzes, consider saving it as a quiz template. Then, anytime you open Quizmaker, simply select New Quiz from Template on the splash screen to quickly create a new quiz with the questions and settings from your template.

With these three tricks, you’ll be able to work smarter, not harder. So the next time you need a quiz that resembles something you’ve already built, see if you can reuse any of your existing elements before you start from scratch. Chances are, if you can simply modify something that exists, you will save you time in the long run.

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