A lot of e-learning developers like to include slide notes in the courses they build with Articulate Presenter. It's a great way to provide a transcript of the narration or supplemental text related to your content. What some folks don't know, though, is that you've got quite a bit of flexibility for the way you format your notes. Here we'll take a look at three tips for customizing your slide notes so that they look just the way you want.

Tip 1: Applying Special Text Formatting

You're not limited to just using the plain default PowerPoint font for your slide notes. Here's how you can easily customize the font, color, size, and more:

Tip 2: Using the Slide Notes Master to Streamline Your Text Formatting

For a super-consistent look, and to save development time while you're at it, you can format your notes text via PowerPoint's slide notes master. This allows you to make customizations in one place and apply those customizations to the notes of all your slides. Here's how: 

Tip 3: Customizing the Color of the Sidebar Notes Panel

One more thing you might be interested to know:  if you're displaying your slide notes in the sidebar (rather than as a pop-up panel at the bottom of your player, you can also change the background color behind the notes. That's a pretty cool option if you want to match the panel to your corporate colors or some of the colors used in your course slides. This tutorial walks through how to change the color:

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