With over 1,000 course and lesson templates featuring real and placeholder content across categories like human resources, workplace safety, compliance, and sales, Rise 360 gives you tons of options for speeding up your course creation workflow. Let’s take a look at 3 of my favorite ones. 

1. Kickstart Course Creation with a Placeholder Content Template


If you already have all your course content but need help getting started, grab a template with placeholder content. They include an outline of lessons that would typically be covered in a course on that topic, as well as related placeholder content, images, and writing prompts—all professionally written and designed. By using a template, you can skip the process of outlining and structuring your course and jump straight to adding your content. This is perfect for instances when you need to quickly publish a course or you’re struggling to map out the flow of a topic.

Creating a course using these templates is simple—just follow these steps.  

  1. Select the template you want to use.
  2. Review the lessons and swap out any of the placeholder media —like images—with your own if you’d like.
  3. Update the placeholder text and writing prompts with the information your learners need to know.
  4. Put the finishing touches on your course by customizing the appearance to match your company branding—like adding a logo, picking a different font, selecting a course theme color. 
  5. Publish your finished course to share with learners on the web or through a Learning Management System (LMS).

Thanks to templates with placeholder content, you don’t have to think about how to structure your course or decide which blocks to use in your lessons. You can just pop in your content and be done! 

2. Save the Day with a Real Content Course Template

In a time crunch and need to get that information security course out the door and into your LMS yesterday? You’ll love the real content course templates in Rise 360! Real content course templates are complete courses with rich and engaging training content designed by training experts. These templates cover many common business topics, like handling difficult conversations, workplace harassment, and information security. There’s even a growing assortment of thought-leading templates with exclusive content and videos from bestselling authors chosen by Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pink. And all of them are full of interactions and activities designed to promote deep thinking and reinforce the concepts covered in the course. 

Because these course templates are prebuilt and contain real content, you now have an entire library of ready-to-go courses waiting for you to publish. Simply export and upload them to your LMS as is to quickly bulk up your course catalog in minutes. And if you want to customize them first—for example, by mixing in some of your own content or updating the branding—you can do that as well. It’s up to you!

3. Enjoy More Creative Flexibility with Real Content Lesson Templates


Another option is to mix and match real content lesson templates. Just like the real content course templates, lesson templates are fully prebuilt and cover a variety of popular workplace-related topics. The difference here is that each lesson template was designed to be mixed in with other lessons—whether it’s your own or other lesson templates—so it’s simple to round out a course with a lesson you’ve been meaning to create but haven’t had time to get to.

For example, maybe your company is rolling out a new performance review process and needs to get managers up to speed on conducting effective performance reviews and giving feedback. Instead of writing training content on those topics from scratch, you can combine real content lesson templates to whip out the perfect course in no time! In the Team Management category alone, you’ll find loads of lessons chock-full of helpful, engaging content on the topic of performance reviews. Do your managers need more emphasis on communication skills? No worries. Just mix in some real content lessons on giving feedback to round out your course.  

Creating courses using real content lesson templates is so easy. Just follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Click on a lesson title to preview the content. If it meets your needs, click to select it. 
  2. Select additional lessons to start building out your course. 
  3. Click Add to New Course when you’re ready. 
  4. Edit the lessons and add in your own as needed. 


Now that you’ve seen 3 ways to use these time-saving templates, hopefully you’re feeling excited about being able to quickly expand your e-learning library. By using these templates, you’ll be creating courses in no time! And to learn even more about templates in Rise 360, check out these helpful articles: 

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