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The result slide is your opportunity to provide clear, direct, and actionable feedback for your learners. You want to make sure they aren’t tempted to skip the result slide, since you’re sharing important information that will help them grow and boost their performance. If you want to make your feedback stick, your result slide should be both informative AND engaging.

There are many ways to customize your result slide to make it as compelling as the rest of your course. It can be as simple as changing the background image or as involved as building a leaderboard with badges and levels. Here are a few examples from the E-Learning Heroes community that show what’s possible:

  1. Montse Anderson provides a unique video quiz experience with clear results at the end.
  2. Wendy Farmer displays badges on her sleek result slide in this gamified quiz example.
  3. David Anderson uses a well-known character in his expressive result slide.
  4. David Anderson built a stylish meter to provide feedback in a visual way in his example.

These are a few creative ways to give your learners feedback with custom result slides. You’ll find more in our Examples Hub—so take a look! You can also follow us on Twitter and come back to E-Learning Heroes regularly for more helpful advice on everything related to e-learning. If you have any questions, please share them in the comments.

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