One of the most exciting parts of E-Learning Heroes is getting to see the projects, examples, and downloads other course designers are working on. It’s fascinating to see how different people solve design prompts or learning challenges. And those previews can give you inspiration for your own projects too.

This spirit of sharing with the community is why we’re excited that Articulate is sponsoring DemoFest at this year’s DevLearn Conference & Expo—a learning and development event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 25 to 27. What is DemoFest? It’s basically a science fair—but for e-learning—where members of the community share real projects and courses they’ve created.

And what’s great is anyone attending the conference can submit a request to share their work at DemoFest. Not sure if it’s the right fit for you? Check out these reasons it probably is!

1. To inspire others

Just like you enjoy seeing what others are working on, other people want to see what you’re doing too! That’s because no matter what it is, it’s sure to give people ideas for their own projects, whether it’s a different approach to a similar topic, a tip for using an authoring tool in an unexpected way, or even just a color scheme that really pops. The simple act of sharing your project can spark some major “aha!” moments for other community members.

Concerned your project isn’t cutting-edge enough to warrant sharing at DemoFest? Don’t worry! A project doesn’t have to be flashy to be helpful. You’d be surprised how often something that seems mundane to you might be just what someone else is looking for. As long as a project made an impact on learners, it’s worth sharing.

2. To learn & improve 

It can be a bit nerve-wracking to think about sharing a project at a conference. But the DevLearn audience is supportive and insightful. In fact, because the questions DemoFest attendees pose are so thoughtful, it’s quite common for presenters to walk away from the event with ideas for making their project even better.

3. To get your skills noticed

If you want to get to know other people in the e-learning field and give them a sense of what you’re excited about, DemoFest is a great way to do that. A project demo can be incredibly effective for getting your skills noticed. And you’ll likely make a bunch of connections with other conference attendees during the casual conversations you’ll have while demoing. 

4. For fun

DemoFest is full of course designers happily nerding out about e-learning projects. If that sounds fun, you’ll find sharing a project there to be a complete delight. 

Next Steps

If you plan on attending DevLearn 2023, we’d love to see what you’re working on at DemoFest. The deadline to submit your project is Friday, July 28, so follow this link if you’re interested. And if you’re not sure what your proposal needs to make it stand out, check out this PDF with helpful examples and tips.

Not attending this year’s DevLearn Conference & Expo? No worries! You can always share your work in our regular E-Learning Challenges and in the Building Better Courses forum.

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