If you’ve heard of Reach 360—our fast, flexible, frictionless solution for distributing training—you might be wondering when it would make sense to use it instead of your LMS to share courses with your learners. In this article, we’ll run through four common scenarios where we think you’ll find Reach 360 better fits your needs.

1. When You Need to Get Training Out Quickly 

The traditional workflow for getting courses into a corporate LMS can take weeks. From sending the SCORM package to your admin, to QA testing your course, to updating your course if it’s not reporting correctly—and repeating these steps as many times as necessary until everything is working as expected—it’s a painful and time-consuming process. Teams who need to quickly upskill external audiences, temporary employees, and deskless workers cannot afford a multi-week dev and distribution process.

The good news is that if you’re already using Articulate 360 apps to build courses, there’s no faster way to get them into the hands of your learners than by using Reach 360. Simply open your course, select Reach 360, define course management settings, and click Submit to upload your content. And because Reach 360 is an Articulate app, there’s no need to check compatibility or test the course. You can even import third-party training content and repurpose existing training if needed.

2. When You Need to Train External Learners

Training external learners—like contractors, partners, franchises, or vendors—can be difficult for many reasons. Maybe your company locks the LMS down to internal employees only, for privacy reasons. Or perhaps external employees can be added to the LMS, but only if they have a corporate email address—and not everyone does. Or maybe it’s simply too expensive, and there’s no budget for training external learners. 

Whatever the reason, Reach 360 is the solution. With Reach 360, you can enroll and onboard both internal and external learners quickly and easily. All they need is an email address—corporate or otherwise. You can even enable self-registration or set up learner groups to make it easier to enroll and manage training content for different audiences.

3. When You Need to Train Temporary or Seasonal Workers

Are you working in an industry—like retail—with a considerable amount of temporary or seasonal workers? If so, you’ve probably noticed that turnover rates have been even higher than usual in recent years—reaching 415% in 2021! When there’s such a high likelihood that employees will only need access for a short time, it can be hard to make the business case for the cost of adding learners to your LMS. 

That’s where Reach 360 comes in. Reach 360 works well for organizations with variable training needs because it offers flexible pricing based on the number of active learners. That means learners are only counted if they actually take training within a 30-day period. You’ll commit to a number of active learners at the beginning of your annual term, so you and your team can accommodate variable training needs. 

4. When You Need to Train Deskless Workers

Deskless workers—who make up 80% of the workforce—are another challenging population to train. That’s because many LMSs are optimized for desktop viewing only, making it hard for people who don’t work in an office to take training on the device that’s most convenient for them—their mobile phone. And even when LMSs do work on mobile devices, the user interface is often clunky, making for a less-than-ideal learning experience. As a workaround, these employees are often asked to step away from work to take training in a shared office space or, worse, outside of working hours on their home computer. 

If your LMS isn’t optimized for mobile, Reach 360 is a great alternative because it’s specifically designed to work on all devices. Your learners will love experiencing the engaging, responsive courses you can create with Articulate 360 authoring apps Rise 360 and Storyline 360 in an equally responsive and easy-to-use learning environment. And because all Reach 360 training is available on demand, your on-the-go learners can take asynchronous learning whenever and wherever they prefer—on their cellular connection or over Wi-Fi.


Reach 360 is a great option for putting training into the hands of external and hard-to-reach learners like contractors, partners, franchises, and deskless workers as well as temporary or seasonal employees. And if you’re short on time, there’s no faster way to deploy your courses. 

Want to learn more about Reach 360? Check out these handy resources:

If you’re already an Articulate 360 subscriber and want to try Reach 360 for yourself, ask your account admin to activate it for you. And if you’re new to both Articulate 360 and Reach 360 and are looking for an easy way to create and deliver training, start a free trial.