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There’s an old writing adage that says Show, don’t tell. The same advice could be applied to e-learning. For example, most learners would prefer to watch how a complex system works rather than read bullet points off a slide and try to visualize it themselves.

In your online courses, you have the opportunity to present video and other media in creative ways. Gone are the days of the TV trolley and awkward, distorted VHS videos! Here are a few examples of e-learning featuring videos from the E-Learning Heroes community to spark your creativity.

  • Montse Anderson presents a stylish way to showcase employee stories in this medical-themed example.
  • Learners can choose from a selection of stunning videos in this example by David Lindenberg. (Available for download!)
  • Sally Cox gives learners an informative video tour and quizzes them on the details in this outdoorsy example.
  • This example by Montse Anderson features blurred videos as slide backgrounds. (Available for download!)

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