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Who doesn’t love free stuff? I know I do! And if you’re short on time, free graphics can be a real life-saver. Did you know that in addition to the millions of free graphics in Content Library 360, there are also tons here on E-Learning Heroes? That’s right! Thanks to our talented and generous community members, there’s no shortage of inspiring assets to choose from. 

Curious to find out which ones other e-learning pros are finding useful? Keep reading to see the top five most downloaded graphic freebies of 2021.

1. Customizable Avatar Set

Screenshot of avatar illustrations

Character illustrations are a great way to make your course more relatable to learners. And with this diverse set, you’re sure to find what you need!

2. Personalizable Healthcare Illustrations

Screenshot of healthcare illustrations

Do you need illustrations of doctors, nurses, or other workers in personal protective equipment (PPE) gear for your healthcare courses? Look no further, this set is just the thing.

3. Text Message Phone Mock-Up

Screenshot of phone illustrations

Want to create a scenario-based chat conversation? Grab these illustrations—available in both light and dark mode—to get started right away.

4. Office-Themed Rise 360 Cover Photo GIFs

Bring your content to life by adding any of these animations to the start page of your Rise 360 projects.

5. Work from Home Images and Icons

Screenshot of remote work images

Grab these photos and illustrations so you can more accurately represent your learners’ new remote work environments in your e-learning scenarios.

More Resources

Loving these freebies? Good news! There are even more free graphics available for any e-learning situation in our Downloads hub. 

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