If you’re like me, 2021 went by in a blur. And whether you got back into the swing of going into the office or continued working from home—it was a busy year. 

While the world was busy catching up on life, we released a lot of helpful articles here on E-Learning Heroes. If you’re someone who was too busy to keep up with instructional design and e-learning content, don’t worry! We’ve gathered the most popular instructional design resources of 2021 so you can catch up in no time. 

  • What Is Inclusive E-Learning and Why Does It Matter?: Inclusion is a hot topic as companies pivot to meet the changing cultural landscape. As an instructional designer, you’ve likely been asked to create more inclusive training. And while that’s a common request, there are not always clear instructions for how to make that happen. If you’re unsure how to create inclusive e-learning, or you’re on the fence about why it’s important, this is the article for you.
  • 6 Ways to Make Your E-Learning More Accessible: When you’re designing a course, it’s important to ensure that it works for all learners—giving everyone equal access to learning content. And while some aspects of accessibility are pretty intuitive—like closed captions—others might be a little less obvious. Follow the tips in this article and you’ll be creating more accessible e-learning in no time. 
  • How to Find and Create 360° Images for Your Storyline 360 Projects: 360° images are the latest and greatest when it comes to creating interactive and immersive e-learning. Wondering how to use them in your Storyline 360 project, or not sure where to start? This article will show you how. 
  • 8 Ways to Get Design Ideas When You Feel Stuck: While creating e-learning is fun, everyone gets hung up on visual design at some point or another. If you’re struggling with how a course should look or feeling overwhelmed by all the options, then let this article be your guide. 
  • Make Working with SMEs a Breeze with These 3 Downloads: Your e-learning course is only as strong as the subject matter expert (SME) you work with to create it. And while navigating communication with SMEs can sometimes be tricky, you’ll set yourself up for success by using the templates in this article. 
  • 7 Tips for Writing Effective Training Evaluations: Wondering if your e-learning is hitting the mark and meeting your learners’ needs? This article will help you assess exactly that. 

If you found these resources helpful and inspiring, check out these other year-in-review articles: 

And if we missed any of your favorite instructional design articles, comment below and let us know what they are. 

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