If you’ve heard of Reach 360—the frictionless LMS by Articulate—you might be wondering if it’s a good fit for your organization. In this article, we’ll walk you through five reasons our customers are loving it—and why you might too.

1. It’s Easy to Set Up

Whether your organization is new to e-learning and needs to hit the ground running or you’re unhappy with your current LMS and looking for an alternative, hearing that 69% of learning management systems (LMSs) take three months or more to implement might take the wind out of your sails. 

But never fear! With Reach 360, you can get set up in a matter of minutes—so you can start sharing courses with learners right away. 

2. You Can Share Courses Quickly 

The traditional workflow for uploading courses can take weeks. You publish it as a SCORM package, send it to your LMS admin, wait for them to upload it to the LMS, and then test it to make sure everything works. If it doesn’t, then you need to troubleshoot the course and do all those steps over and over again until it’s working as expected. It can be a long and painful process. 

If you need to quickly help people learn new skills, you can’t wait weeks to get your course out. And with Reach 360, you don’t have to! You can build and upload your courses seamlessly from the Articulate 360 dashboard—in just a few clicks! And because the apps you use to create and host your courses are all built by Articulate, you know your courses will work perfectly every time. There’s truly no easier way to train your employees!

3. You Only Pay for Active Learners

For many organizations, training needs ebb and flow. At the start of the year, you might need to roll out compliance courses, and then nothing else for a few months. Or there could be a big hiring push and onboarding, followed by a freeze. Seasonal employees might need quick upskilling before busy periods. 

Unfortunately, most LMSs require you to purchase and manage a fixed number of seats. And because each seat is often expensive, organizations often don’t have budget to buy everyone a seat for the entire year. As a workaround, they buy fewer seats and shuffle them around to learners who need them, which can be complicated and time-consuming.

Sound familiar? Good news: Reach 360 is different. Learner pricing and management are flexible—to match your variable training needs. Learners only count toward your costs when they take training. So if they take compliance courses in January and nothing else for the rest of the year, you’re not paying for all the time they weren't using the system—saving you tons of money!

4. It’s Easy to Manage Learners and Courses

Traditional LMSs can be complex and cumbersome. The admins who manage them often have to take extensive training to learn the system’s ins and outs. And even after they understand how the LMS works, they can end up spending much of their time on tedious tasks and troubleshooting with little to no value add.

With Reach 360’s user-friendly interface, admins can jump in and start managing learners and courses right away—no training required. They can enroll learners, build learning paths, view and generate reports, and more in just a few clicks. Reach 360 takes the pain out of training administration, so admins have more time for important tasks.

5.The Learner Experience Is Intuitive and Mobile-Friendly

L&D pros often tell us that their learners struggle to figure out how to access their courses. And it’s no wonder! Many LMSs have outdated and clunky user interfaces that don’t behave the way modern websites and apps do—leaving learners feeling lost and confused. Not to mention that while today’s learners are mobile, many LMSs are clunky—or even inaccessible—on phones and tablets, which creates even more frustration. 

That’s why learners love Reach 360. It’s a modern web app specifically designed to work on all devices with a user interface they intuitively know how to use. Your learners will love experiencing the engaging, responsive courses you create with Rise 360 and Storyline 360 in an equally responsive and intuitive learning environment. And when training is easy to take, learners can focus on learning—the way it should be.


So if you’re looking to set up an LMS quickly, want to streamline the course distribution process, have variable training needs, or simply want to provide a better experience to admins and learners—check out Reach 360. It could be exactly what you need!

Want to learn more about our frictionless solution for distributing training? Check out these handy resources:

If you’re already an Articulate 360 subscriber and want to try Reach 360 for yourself, simply ask your account admin to activate it to access the starter plan for free. And if you’re new to both Articulate 360 and Reach 360 and are looking for an easy way to create and deliver training, start a free trial.