6 New Features for Creating Accessible Content with Storyline 2 Update 5

We’re super excited to release the latest update to Storyline 2, which makes it even easier to create accessible e-learning content. With the six new features in this update, you’ll be able to easily create content that’s optimized for learners using screen readers.

For starters, we’re excited about new support for WCAG 2.0 guidelines, which will help you create content that meets the industry's most comprehensive standard for accessibility.

There are also a few new ways you can help your learners navigate through your content. For example, you can define a custom tab order so learners using screen readers experience slide objects in the order you want. Learners can also now control interactive sliders with the arrow keys on their keyboard.

We’ve also added new ways to customize course navigation. For example, you can increase the player font size to make it easier for learners to read. And, learners using screen readers can now skip player elements when they’re tabbing through slide content. You can even localize your content for learners with screen readers by specifying the course language.

If you already have Storyline 2, download this free update to Storyline 2 now! And if you haven’t tried Storyline 2 yet, you can try the latest version for free for 30 days.