E-learning developers have an inherently cross-functional role, collaborating with managers, subject matter experts, human resources leaders, and more. And that means e-learning development projects can snowball with tons of stakeholders, feedback, and requirements.

We hear from many e-learning developers that acting as a project manager as well as an e-learning developer is one of the most challenging aspects of their job. That’s why we’ve collected a bunch of project management resources over the years to guide e-learning developers through the process of conceiving, managing, and executing e-learning projects. And better yet, we’ve rounded up all these goodies right here to make them easy for you to access.

Here’s a list of free resources that you can use to plan, develop, and execute your e-learning projects successfully:

  • Start every e-learning project on the right foot with this set of project kick-off questions by David Anderson.
  • Make sure everyone understands the expectations for your project with this course development agreement by Jeannette Brooks.
  • Easily create a project management plan to keep everything on track with this template by Trina Rimmer. 
  • Make sure you've set reasonable expectations for milestones and completion with this project timeline template, also by Trina Rimmer. 
  • Diagnose the training need so you can create targeted courses with this set of needs analysis questions by Trina Rimmer.
  • Prepare the script for your voice talent with this audio recording template by Trina Rimmer. It’ll make it so easy to get the right audio from the start.
  • Need to share project progress with a wide group of folks? Consider using this project dashboard by Trina Rimmer, created in Storyline 2. You can show stakeholders where projects are in an instant, while keeping an organized list of supporting documents in one place.
  • Almost ready to finalize your project? Make sure it’s ready to go by reviewing the list of criteria in this quality assurance template by Rachel Barnum. It’s a great way to make sure you’ve addressed issues that crop up commonly in the e-learning development process.
  • Show the impact and value of your training project to stakeholders in your organization with this training return on investment calculator by Nicole Legault.

Need more help getting your e-learning development process under control? We’ve got tons of articles and e-books that detail proven strategies to keep your project running to plan:

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