Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro in No Time with Tom Kuhlmann

We’ve got great news for fans of The Rapid E-Learning Blog and our e-learning guru, Tom Kuhlmann. He’s revised his seminal e-book, “The Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro,” with even more e-learning goodness.

This free, in-depth e-book has Tom’s inside tips and strategies on how to create an online course quickly and easily. You’ll learn how to knock your customers’ socks off while working efficiently to build awesome and effective e-learning courses.  

In this e-book, Tom will walk you through:

  • Basic e-learning concepts and terms
  • Communicating clearly with stakeholders to tie your courses to business needs
  • Putting yourself in learners’ shoes to understand how they might approach your course
  • Choosing the best tools to get your project done well and quickly
  • Selecting the right instructional approach for your course
  • Structuring the information in your course
  • Successfully repeating this process
  • Assessing what worked and what didn’t

Download this free e-book and share it with your networks. And for even more e-learning awesomeness from Tom Kuhlmann, check out The Rapid E-Learning Blog.

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