Branched scenarios are a great way to bring course content to life by challenging learners to make decisions and then giving them in-context, realistic feedback. And with two new features in Rise, now you can add them to your courses.

The first new feature lets you hide the previous and next buttons so that learners can navigate through your course by responding to thought-provoking questions in scenarios instead of by simply hitting Next. And the second new feature lets you hide the lesson count in your Rise courses to emphasize a nonsequential approach to exploring content.

Have a peek at this interactive branched scenario example that uses these new features:

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To use these new features, just navigate to Settings, select the Navigation tab, and choose Off for these options:

To create the choices for the learner, this example uses the Button Stack block in Rise to create branches, which each link off to a separate follow-up lesson. To add a Button Stack, insert a blocks lesson in your Rise course, click the plus icon, then select Interactive from the menu that appears on the left. There you’ll find the Button Stack block, which you can then insert into your lesson.

You may also want to consider setting the sidebar option to “No Sidebar” when you’re creating scenarios in Rise. This will hide the list of lessons that appear on the Start page, and the sidebar that appears throughout the course. Removing the sidebar requires your learner to click through your scenario in order, which, in most cases, makes more sense than letting the learner skip questions in the scenario. You can also adjust this settings under the Navigation tab on the course Settings page.

Creating branched scenarios just got better with these Rise features. Open up Rise and try these features out for yourself!

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Cass Netzley
Cass Netzley
Max Ricketts