Simulating Multiple Videos on One Slide

Welcome to Branching Videos where we're going to create a slide that looks, and functions, as if it contained two videos. Currently, Presenter '09 supports only one video per slide. But that doesn't mean we can't fake having more than one video on a slide. We'll look at working with slide properties, screenshots, hidden slides and hyperlinking to create the illusion of multiple videos on a slide.

In the Outline menu, click Raise the Car and then click the forward button to view Video Demonstration.

Click each of the two play buttons on the slide. Notice how the course Outline menu still displays Video Demonstration as the active slide?

Now try clicking the Back button. You return to the Raise the Car slide. Click Video Demonstration again. Now click the Forward button. You're taken to the Remove the Wheel Nuts slide.

So where are the two video slides you just viewed? They're actually hidden slides. In our example, both slides follow the visible Video Demonstration slide, however, hidden slides can reside anywhere. Slide Properties enables us to override the Forward and Back buttons to ensure the learners continue on where we want the.

Let's get started!